Big Jane Birthgiving

Help Jane pop her babies out safely in this sexy arcade game
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Frankly, in our opinion, a bit of originality goes a long way. Especially in a highly oversaturated market, like browser based XXX games. After so much sameness, and games all highly derivative from each other, it’s quite a nice refreshing breath of fresh air to see something come out that totally goes against the grain, offering up a one of a kind experience the likes that no other games are offering – even if it’s something that might not be exactly highly arousing to some of us, it’s still a nice thing to see someone willing to do something different from the rest of the crowd. And safe to say, Big Jane’s Birth Giving is something you’ve truly never seen before in a game – and one way or another, a game like this is bound to elicit a pretty strong reaction out of any player! When playing the game, a big and beautiful babe by the name of Jane is about to give birth, in the hospital already in labor. You will need to help her out, making sure that she keeps supplied with gas and air by pressing the Z key on your keyboard. The more that you give her, the bigger her breasts will become – and the further her babies will go when the get popped out from her massively dilated pussy. Pressing the X key on the keyboard will cause Jane to push, shooting out one of the many babies she’s got ready to come out of her. As she sits there on the table, tits exposed and legs spread wide for birthing, there will be a bunch of people walking by at varying distances, pushing around baby strollers. Your goal will be to give her the correct amount of gas to enable her to shoot the baby the needed distance to land it in one of the strollers. Ones closer to you will require less gas, but ones off in the distance will require a good bit of it to get the distance that you need. …Yep, like we said, something totally new and unique – you won’t want to miss out on giving this XXX game a try!

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