Purple haired goddess Ayane fully exposed and nude, getting fucked by tentacles!
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Here’s one for all of you fans of the Dead or Alive series of fighting games. A series that any and all who have played will remember quite clearly – if not for the fun fighting game mechanics that it offers, then at least for the jaw droppingly beautiful babes in the game, and the incredibly reactive breast physics in the game that made tits jiggle around like crazy with just about any movement. For as much as the game showed us though, it stopped just shy of actual nudity or any sex. Which is a shame, with how perfect those girls were, but now at least in this game, we get a chance to see the purple haired fighting goddess Ayane fully exposed and nude, getting fucked by tentacles! The game is pretty simple – Ayane will be standing around with her big ol tits hanging out, and her nude body letting us take a nice glimpse of her freshly shaved and oh so tight young pussy. There’s only two things to click on here up at the top left – tentacle move 1, and tentacle move 2. Tentacle move 1 is a teasing/foreplay style one, where one tentacle will pinch at her nipples to get them nice and hard, and then another one will rub against her pussy lips, stopping just shy of putting it in, getting her soaked and ready for the main course. The main course, is tentacle move 2 – where one of the tentacles that looks the most dick like will slide in and out of her pussy, and in true Dead or Alive fashion, making her tits jiggle in a rather exaggerated way as she gets fucked by the slimy appendage.

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