Nannys Day 1

Your naughty nanny has been up to something, you just know it. You're determined to find out what it is. Catch that naughty vixen in the act as she's playing with her pussy! To play, each time the cursor is visible you'll have to carry out an action using these controls: a simple click, where you find a hot spot and click it. Keep the button held to continue the action and make an excitement bar fill up. Double click, where you'll find a hot spot like before but when you release the button, another cursor becomes visible indicating an action is not finished, leaving you to quickly find the second hot spot. Click and move, where you find a hot spot and click on it, and then without releasing the button move your mouse in the direction of the action to occur. Finally, there's the come and go which works like the click and move but the movement must be a coming and going style action. This game is a bit longer than some of our others, but it includes a handy save and resume option allowing you to pick up where you left off at a later time.
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