Red Light District

Earn money to fuck as many girls as you can in this sexy quest game
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In this game, you're in, you guessed it, the red light district. You're horny and hungry for sex, and lucky for you, there's no better place in the world to find it than right there. Only catch is, these girls aren't free - you'll need to pay them in exchange for their sexual services. You'll start out a with a little bit of money, but you can earn more by going to casinos and billiard clubs and placing bets. It's a gamble, sure, but do it right and you can get some very handsome payouts - which of course you can then use to fuck more of the girls. Use the arrow keys to move around and hit the space bar to approach and enter a building. You can gaze in at the girls through windows, and at the same time see how much their services cost. Protip - there's a hidden credit card and pin number to be found on the map. Find this, and you'll be able to go to an ATM and make a massive lump sum withdrawl.